Coming in 2024.

Kickstarter campaign starts today. See you soon!

Perfect Tides Steam Sale: 27% Off

During the summer Steam sale you can get Perfect Tides for just $10.95! You can go here and take advantage of the low price unit July 7th.

Press Round-up Part 2

There’s a wonderful write-up today in The AV Club about Perfect Tides. You can read it here:

Perfect Tides is as Devastating and Powerful as a Perfectly Crafted Away Message

A couple more from the past week:

Perfect Tides is a Nostalgia Trip – Fandom Spotlite

Perfect Tides – Ouvrez la cage aux ados – The Pixel Post

Dozens of very positive reviews on the Steam store page — you can read them here.

And if you’re interested in seeing other people stream the game, there’s an ever-building collection of long plays on Twitch.

Thank you to everyone who has played the game and offered up their thoughts! I cherish every word written, every hour spent engaging with this game. Store Added + Press Round-up

You can now find Perfect Tides on as well as Steam! You’ll find the store here.

AIPT Comics has both a review of Perfect Tides and an interview with me this week. You can check them out here:

Perfect Tides Review: A Magnificent Character Study and a Damn Fun Video Game
Meredith Gran Talks “Perfect Tides”, Time’s Inexorable March, and the Internet As It Was in 2000

Today is the Day!

Perfect Tides has been released on PC and Mac. You can find it here on Steam.

I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. If you’d like to discuss the game, ask questions or report bugs, head over to the Perfect Tides Discord.

Perfect Tides: 2-22-22

Friends, we have a release date. Please enjoy the trailer. See you in a month!

Playtest v0.3 Is Live!

The final round of playtesting for Perfect Tides has begun! This version is the whole game in playable form, and feedback during this stage will be crucial to catching bugs and finalizing the release for early 2022. If you’d like to take part in the playtest, you can sign up on the game’s Steam page.

We are so close to a finished game! See you in the new year.

Demo Live @ Next Fest!

You can now play the Perfect Tides demo at Steam Next Fest, from October 1-7! Available for both PC and Mac. Head to the PT Steam page to get your copy.

And if you’d like to give feedback and chat with other players, join the Discord!

PT Demo @ Next Fest

Perfect Tides will be releasing a demo for the Steam Next Fest, October 1-7! The demo will consist of the first 2 chapters of the game, and will be available to play all week on both Mac and PC. If you’ve been wanting to try the game in a non-playtest form, this is your chance. Navigate to the Perfect Tides Steam page during the week of the event to download the game. See you soon!

Playtest v0.2.1

The site was due for an update, yes? If you’ve been following along on Twitter or Discord, you likely know by now that Perfect Tides is in early beta. Currently you can playtest 3 out of 4 acts of the game, and help shape the final build with your feedback. If you’d like to be a part of this process, head to the Steam page and request access. Then join the Discord to give your feedback and discuss the game with other players. Thank you for being a crucial part of this process!