Hi everyone! Here’s what’s new in Perfect Tides development land.

SPX 2018

I was fortunate to be able to demo the game at SPX in Bethesda this year! Many attendees tried out my demo, managed to solve some puzzles in a crowded room, and broke things in a way that’s useful to me. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who sampled the game!

This version of the demo is intended mainly for journalists and live show attendees for the next few months, while I continue to collect feedback and promote the game to a wider audience. It’s not something I can share online just yet, but I will likely expand my appearances where the demo can be played in the coming months.


The Comic + Rewards

I’m resuming work on the comic this fall, after deciding it wouldn’t be ready in time for SPX. I will hopefully, for real, have some art previews to show you all soon.

Again, apologies for how slow the backer bits have been coming. I want them to be of a high quality, but also my #1 goal is making headway on the game. The smaller of backer gifts – comics, T-shirts and postcards – should all be wrapping up before the holiday season.


Is Game Production on Track?

My goal is to have Perfect Tides released by the end of 2019, and right now I believe we’re on track for that. Now that a large chunk of assets are accounted for, cutscenes and puzzles are flowing out nicely. You wouldn’t believe how much work a new parent gets done when they can actually sit down at their desk.


I hope to have more preview vids of the game, plus comics, plus early sound experiments, in the coming updates! Thanks for following along!

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