Where are you?

You’re trapped on an island. Well… actually, you live there. Your food and socks and family are there. You have a virus-free computer and a 56k modem. And with gorgeous rolling dunes, free-roaming deer and no cars in sight, the landscape is basically paradise.

But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Three seasons out of the year, the island is practically abandoned. And with school going badly on the mainland, sometimes the internet is your only company. Not that you’ve minded, lately: your online life is taking you to wild new places. You feel acceptance, creative empowerment… and for the first time, something very close to how you imagined love would be.

The seasons carry you mercilessly, from one revelation to another. As summer approaches, the island pulsates with nervous anticipation, and so do you. Your life is about to change in irreversible ways — in undreamed-of directions. You may soon discover what lies beyond the island, and perhaps more mysteriously, in the depths of your own heart. What are you looking to know?

We were successfully funded on Kickstarter on 2/28/18! Thank you for your support!


Explore beaches, dunes, and wilderness in both day and night.

Experience life on the beach in seasons both lonely and lively.

Find yourself in new and unexpected places.

Until 2019, watch this space for game development news.
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Game Development News

Games take a while! How's this one coming?

Perfect Tides Trailer #1

Please enjoy the very first game trailer for Perfect Tides! With game development moving at an even clip, I will hopefully have more media like this to share in the near future. Please stay tuned!

Who's Making This?

Meredith Gran is doing the writing, coding, and character designs/animation. Soren Hughes is designing the background environments.

Check out Soren's work here.

To read Meredith's webcomic Octopus Pie, click here.