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A point n' click sequel to Perfect Tides about the momentum and whiplash of young adulthood. Set in a brand new urban environment, players will experience the year 2003 through 18-year-old Mara's eyes, collecting and applying not only objects but ideas and experiences -- all with the goal of perfecting their craft and finding a place in the world.


Since 2017, Perfect Tides has been cartoonist/dev Meredith Gran's conduit for explorations of time, love and sexuality, creative drive, and the buried past. Through the media of games, she has been able to reawaken and share these memories with the player. Perfect Tides: Station to Station is a further meditation on the early years of adulthood, of moments both scarring and sublime.


  • Another cinematic tale following a year of Mara's life, complete with seasonal acts, non-linear exploration, and branching outcomes in the point n' click adventure game style.
  • Over 60 all-new environments to view and explore.
  • The mechanics of its predecessor are both streamlined and expanded upon. Interact and look at rooms, talk to people, and collect objects with ease.
  • New to this game, the player can collect an inventory of names and subjects. These in turn can feed Mara's understanding of topics through conversation, experience, and memory. Mara can either grow as a writer, or languish in stale notions and platitudes, affecting the outcome of the story.






Awards & Recognition

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Perfect Tides: Station to Station Credits

Meredith Gran
Game Designer

Soren Hughes
Background Design

Garrett Hobson
NPC Animation

Daniel Kobylarz

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